Artisan Directory

Lori Adams Photo ~ Photography artwork and science books for kids.
Mitsuko Antal ~ Origami Paper Crafts.
Jody Apap from Papa's Best Batch  ~ Smoked nuts and beef jerky.
Erika Baker ~  Knit Items.
Deborah Bein ~  Earrings, quilts, and home decor.
Gary Benton from Bentonhollow ~ Ceramic angels and sculptures. 
Leonora Burton from The Country Goose ~ A variety of goodies from her store.
Connie Comerford from Fairy Godmothers ~ Snowmen, Angels and Santas!
Michelle Cussick-Kelsoe from Periwinkles At Rhinebeck ~ Bath and body products.
Marilyn Dahle ~ Matted and framed photographs.
Joanne Delmonte ~ Crocheted items and jewelry.
Alessandra Delmonte ~ Weekender bags.
Mara Di Donna from Streams of Light ~ Handpainted silk scarves, velvet scarves, scrunchies, and knit hats.
Barbara Downer ~ Holiday decore.
Judy Flanders ~ Quilting and sewing.
Leslie Franscoise ~ Jewelry, origami ornaments, decorated scarves, handbag charmers, hand-painted candles.

Wendy Gartland ~ Fabric gifts.  
George Geysen ~ Home decor made from wood.
Cheryl Gould from Cheryl's Crafts ~ Fabric crafts.
William Gould from Photography by Bill Gould ~ Photo prints.
Trudie Grace ~ Books on local history.
Erin Killmer from Simply Cute by Erin ~ Paper and fabric crafts. 
Paul Kmiotek from Kmiotek Art Works ~ Pen and ink artwork.
Itoko Kobayashi from The Space Waraku ~ Origami.
Cindy LaColla from Cynla ~ Greeting cards & art.
Jennifer Lai ~ Jewelry, jams and jellies.
Denise Leaden ~ Novelty earrings and essential oil diffuser bracelets.
Judith Leiner ~ Handmade and Fabric crafts. 
Deirdre Lukic ~ Hand made knitted and sewn scrunches and draft dodgers for doors. 
Isabella Lukic from Bella's Balms and Bubbles ~ Soaps, lotions, and lip balms.
Elaine Margolies from One by Elaine LLC ~ Jewelry and holiday ornaments.
Jean McCann-Meineker from San-Mein Creations ~ Purses and bags from re-purposed kids' clothes. 
Cynthia Melucci ~ Country farmhouse decor.
Katherine Merry ~ Christmas ornaments, knit items, jewelry, and toys.
Lucille Merry from Merry Me ~ Fabric and Knit items.
Suellen Nelson ~ Spiced nuts.
Carol Newman ~ Knit items.
Claire Nicosia ~ Yarn.
Jefferson Osborn ~ Wooden bowls, pens, goblet, plates.
Allison Pataki Author  ~  Books.
Perry Pitt ~ mobiles.
Mary Poppiins ~ Hand made crochet hats
Adele Porcelli ~ Knit items, ribbon chokers, birdhouses.
Marilyn Price from Marilyn Price Ceramics ~ Pottery.
Linda Puma ~ Pottery.
Lynn Robertson ~ Photo note cards, prints, and stained glass candy ornaments.
Dee Ruza ~ Photo cards and jewelry.
Linda Salcedo ~ Retro velvet scarves.
Kathy Sheehan ~ Self hand knits.
John Sheeran ~ Decorated cigar boxes with themes.
Kelly Shultes from Yarn Designs Unlimited, LLC ~ Fiber arts.
Carolyn Smith ~ Jewelry, scarves and wraps.

Kat Stoutenborough from Reklaimed ~ Felted flower pins.
Catherine Stevens ~ Dog bandanas and bowties, dog-themed ornaments and home decor.
Tracy Strong from Tracy Strong Fine Paper Goods ~ Hand made boxes.
Lois Thomas ~ Knitted/crocheted, decoupage, quilling, jewelry.
Karen Thompson from Kat's Kitchen ~ Baked Goods.
Kimberlee Tompkins from Three Sisters Herbals, LLC ~ Skincare and essential oil products.
Joyce Tompkins from J.Joyce Designs ~ Seasonal rustic wreaths, country-style home decor.
Polly Townsend from The Garden Quilter ~ Quilts, knitted items, and maple fudge.
Patty Villanova from Side Effects NY ~ Hand-painted silks,   jewelry.
Sayoko Watanabe ~ Fish moble.
Rebecca Weber ~ Baked goods.
Barbara Willmer from Handmade by Barbara ~ Jewelry.
Candace Winter  from Art For Real People ~ Ornaments.

Maureen Winzig from Winzlg Art ~ Ornaments, cards and art prints.

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